PORSCHE 911 991

The Porsche 991 on sale from December 2011, is the seventh generation of Porsche 911. It represents the most important technical leap in the evolution of the 911. The 911 new generations raises the level of performance and efficiency to new levels. The completely new chassis with a longer wheelbase, wider tracks, increased tire height and an ergonomically optimized interior, all stand to make the sporting experience even more comfortable and easier to drive. Technically, the 911s are the culmination of Porsche's performance allowing for even lower fuel consumption with even higher performance. This is due in part to the 3.4-liter placement in the Carrera model developing 5 hp more than the 997 3.6-liter second generation and also to its hybrid steel / aluminum construction, which significantly reduces weight.Other innovations include Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) and the world's first seven-speed manual transmission.
991 2/4 et 991 C2S/C4S 2011-2015
PORSCHE 991 et 991 S 2011-2015

Small Service

  • Piwis Test
  • Oil engine change + Oil filter replacement
  • Particle Filter
  • Filling Fluid
  • Full check on 50 points
  • Drive Test
750 €

Big Services

  • Piwis Test,
  • Oil engine change + Oil filter replacement
  • Candles replacement+air filter+cabin filter
  • Filling Fluid
  • Full check on more over 80 points
  • Drive Test
1390 €
Front Brake Pads Quotation
Rear Brake Pads Quotation
Front Discs and Pads Quotation
Rear Discs and Pads Quotation
Brake fluid bleed 190 €
Air conditioning reload 99 €
Geometry 190 €
Touch up painting a rim Quotation
Body work 1 Element Quotation
Clutch Quotation